Why use a harness?

The reasons why do French bulldogs need a harness:

 Our Franky in his baby blue harness 

We all know that puppies may act stubborn at their young age. It’s the period when they shape their personalities and build their behavioral habits. That’s why you need to tailor your Frenchie’s character appropriately and to become its pack leader. It’s the only key to escape behavioral issues in the future.
Teaching a dog to walk on the leash obediently is one of the first steps of performing French bulldog training lessons. However, have you ever wondered, should you choose a harness or a collar for your Frenchie? Well, my advice is to give an advantage to a French bulldog harness. The reason is simple. A harness will keep a dog’s spine and hips in a natural position because it provides better support. It also prevents a dog from getting neck injuries from pulling. And, you have to admit that puppies know to act pretty unruly in the first months of their lives. Therefore, the key to living with a docile pooch is in your persistence.

How to teach a French bulldog to walk on a leash obediently?

A French bulldog harness presents not only a great training tool, but also provides better control over your pet. Unlike collars, harnesses can’t hurt or distress a dog. Putting a collar and leash on an untrained puppy can cause him/her to experience serious neck injuries. Therefore, I prefer using a harness when a puppy is still small. However, it doesn’t mean that your furry gremlin doesn’t need to wear a collar. Wearing collars is highly important for keeping a dog’s ID tag.
To make your Frenchie to obediently walk beside your leg, I advise you to reward him/her with treats. Telling some praise words and showing affection will also mean a lot for his/her personality. Every time when your dog starts to pull you and walk in front of you, I advise you to stop walking. By telling him/her No-No and putting a finger in front of him/her will make your dog to faster understand the lesson. However, yelling and punishing a dog is not allowed! In that way, you’ll make a negative association in our dog’s mind every time you want to have a stroll.

How can a collar hurt your Frenchie’s neck?

Since Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls, they get tired more quickly. That’s why you can hear your French bulldog breathe heavily after a 20 min walk. French bulldog nostrils are narrowed and small. Therefore, this breed shouldn’t experience heavy physical exertion. Another reason presents their soft palates. Many Frenchies have elongated soft palates that make the air to cross difficult.

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